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Clinical / forensic services

Dr. Huggins has extensive, and varied, experience within the field of Psychology, with a specialization in Forensic Psychology.  My focus since graduate school has been on psychological evaluation, but I also have lengthy experience in therapy, with individuals ranging in age from 3 years through the geriatric population.  Within the forensic specialty area, I have worked at the State Hospital with the forensic, civil, and “Sexually Violent Person” (SVP) populations primarily through evaluation of individuals in each domain.  As an element of the original evaluation referral questions, expert/court testimony was often a required component to the case.  I have also been (and remain currently) a subcontractor for other psychologists in their private practices working within the clinical and forensic specialty areas.  I have a total of over 15 years of combined experience between employment while still in graduate school and since graduation and licensure working in the field of forensics.  I am competent to administer a variety of evaluation instruments, interpret data collectively and cautiously, and offer a comprehensive written psychological evaluation report thoroughly explaining evaluation data, interpretation, diagnostic formulation, and specific recommendations.  I have conducted Fitness for Duty and standard Psychological Evaluations previously for various agencies (i.e. Homeland Security, Security Officer positions, etc.), and feel my skills and knowledge base lead me to be very competent in this specific area.  Dr. Huggins is an avid subscribers of the lifelong learning process and continue to stay abreast of the specialty rules and guidelines for forensic psychology.

Clinical psychological evaluations are also a specialty area of Dr. Huggins’.  A clinical evaluation utilizes a variety of psychological assessment instruments to address specific referring questions involving the etiology, trajectory, and optimal treatment options/modalities of various psychiatric disorders.  Such disorders include Bipolar Disorder, mood disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, cognitive disorders, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, and disorders typically diagnosed in childhood or adolescence.  Through the use of a variety of assessment instruments, a review of background/developmental information, and a lengthy clinical interview, a thorough interpretation of data collected yields the presence or absence of diagnostic criteria to assist in determining the presence of a psychiatric disorder within an individual.  

Dr. Huggins also holds the Clinical Director position within a non-profit organization aimed at providing services free of charge to “Veterans and First Responders.”  Dr. Huggins is the Clinical Director of the Families and Soldiers Together (FAST) organization.  It is a newly developed non-profit organization aimed at helping veterans and first responders who are experiencing symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The organizations offers services varying from initial evaluations and diagnosis to a 12 month long treatment program for the individuals and family members.  While it is early in its launching, it is projected to be a successful organizations providing a much needed service to an underserved population.  As part of the development of the organization, Dr. Huggins developed a 12-month therapeutic protocol/program.  Dr. Huggins has experience working with individuals ranging in ages demonstrating symptoms of, or who have been diagnosed with, complex trauma including PTSD directly resulting from law enforcement, critical incidents, or combat experiences.



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