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Concussion Testing

With an increased knowledge and understanding around the causes of and the neurological consequences of concussions, it is vitally important to have an established baseline level of cognitive performance on file so that medical professionals can more accurately assess and treat concussed individuals. Dr. John Mather is an expert in administration and interpretation of the ImPACT ® program, a computer based program that assesses critical neuropsychological abilities to provide a reference in the event of a head injury. The ImPACT ® program is the most widely used and scientifically validated program for assessing pre-concussion functioning and post-concussion neurological outcomes.

Dr. Mather is currently offering families a discounted rate on pre-concussion and post-concussion assessment. --“Given the attention concussions have received and the increased awareness regarding the incidence, resulting short and long-term complications and treatment options, I believe the data obtained through the ImPACT program is a critical tool in supporting the safety and well being of athletes and their families. “-Dr. Mather

For larger organizations Trilogy clinicians offer free presentations on concussions including the sign of injury, assessments of functionality and current treatments.

We also offer a more thorough, individualized baseline pre-concussion evaluation to our clients.

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