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Special Education/Gifted/
504 Eligibility Consultation

Too often school fail to thoroughly understand the child and therefore often do correctly identify legal required educational eligibilities or required services.  ANLC offers consultative services in which educational documents will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the school district has appropriately identified and is effectively meeting the needs of your child.


Collaborative Advocacy:

Our goal is to empower parents so that they may serve as their child’s educational advocates.  However, there are circumstances where schools fail to meet the needs of your child and/or your child’s rights to an appropriate education have been violated.  Your rights as parents are articulated within the Procedural Safeguards document which should be provided to you by the school.  ANLC will discuss your rights as parents and if necessary we will attend special education and other school meetings as a means of direct support/advocacy.  We will work with you throughout the special education processes ensuring that you are informed, your child’s rights are protected, and that the school district is abiding by the requirements of federal and state law.

Dr. Mather believes that working with your child’s school or school district is the most effective method for ensuring that your child receives all the educational services they are entitled.  Though often well intended, many school assessments fail to identify disabilities or other exceptionalities (gifted) and therefore your child may not be receiving the services he/she is entitled to.  Dr. Mather and his staff will review all evaluations to provide a second opinion regarding the outcomes and eligibility determinations.  Dr. Mather and/or his staff are available to attend meeting to discuss the outcomes of their results in relation to eligibility determinations in the school and will work with you to ensure that your child is receiving all services they are entitled to.

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